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5 STARS Midwest Book Reviews A deftly written collaboration by authors Michael and Danny D'Agostino, "Too Good For The Hood" is another of their truly unique, extraordinary, unfailingly entertaining and memorable novels. Very highly recommended reading and a 'must' for all Michael and Danny D'Agostino fans, "Too Good For The Hood" is certain to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections. 5 STARS Gillian Hancock—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers I honestly had no idea what to expect when reading this as I went into it pretty blind. I only knew it was from Michael and Danny D’Agostino and I’ve read a few others of their books and thought they were pretty good. But still I was in no way prepared for how strangely addicting this one would be. I chuckled several times,  I always felt like I was there in the action…The way they write with the “voice’ of the narration having as much personality as the crazy characters we meet along the way, it is captivating from the beginning and it takes quite the strange turn of events  and quickly. Lenny’s life, while facing some unlucky situations, doesn’t defy credibility, so we are able to believe this story and believe in him – even though some parts feel outlandish. It’s all in good fun. I was surprised with how quickly I finished and will read more from these guys any day. They are a hoot and a half 4-5 STARS Laura Clarke—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers I’ve read a few other books from these authors and really enjoyed them both. The writing style of the brothers Michael and Danny D’Agostino is something that either you get it and love it, or it goes over your head or isn’t your type of humor and it’s lost on you. Fortunately, I fall in the first group. They come up with such unique, out of the norm stories that are funny and weird and creative and edgy, and it’s always a treat even if they aren’t necessarily ‘perfect,’’ and all the books are so different from each other in theme and plot…Not only are they not afraid to take risks and think outside the box, but more than that they always impress me with thorough world-building and dynamic characters and inventiveness on many levels – and this book is no different. It goes through the interesting life of “Lenny Kravitz” and his life in ‘The Hood” –  even though he has two college degrees he can’t find a job, and his conflicts and ups and downs with himself and the other characters in this Staten Island-based story will have you laughing and wanting to see his outcome with it all.  Other times I was chuckling aloud at the witty banter. I finished it in a few nights, and liked the ending.  It grows on you and you will enjoy the charm, even if it’s a little rough around the edges at times. 4-5 STARS Claire Middleton – Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers Usually I tend to lean towards more literary or romance novels, but I was in the mood for something a little different. So I decided to give “Too Good for the Hood” a go. Well, I can definitely say that a lot of people would really like this book! First off the characters are so awesome – Lenny in all ages of his life (young and older) and the people of the neighborhood – from Latisha to Bernie and of course Don Vitale . . . some more fleshed out than others, but all are realistic enough and don’t seem like cardboard cutouts (even though sometimes aren’t much more than just ‘names’).  There is the spark of something wonderfully delightful here and the writing felt as natural as it did effortless. You can’t fake or even teach that, in my opinion. The D’Agostino’s have a natural distinctive literary voice, and the attitude to match. So their scenes and the characters come across as believable and compelling, even when being borderline absurd.  It’s entertainingly comedic, but still down home and relatable.  Loved the ending and the positive message it all brings home.  Funny and feel good. Win-win!  4 STARS Stacy Decker—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers Another entertaining one from Michael and Danny D’Agostino. This is the 2nd novel I’ve read of theirs, and while they have both differed in theme and characters, they both have the exciting energy that whisks you along for an unforgettable ride. This one “Too Good for the Hood” felt more like a unique character drama with spunky comedy elements to me than anything, and like the other book it reads almost as if its formatted for the stage or screen. But it works and flows quickly. They do a great job with the characters and the settings, and the pace is lightning-quick. Years pass by in a blink, and some of the more entertaining characters I’ve encountered. The language of the crew always sounds authentic and ‘street’. These books are hard to compare to any others – just a lot of attitude, and characters from the hood.  It is a standalone and not part of a series. Feels pretty suitable for mature teens on up 3-4 STARS   Nicola Flood—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers Fast-paced, energetic and darkly wisecracking and amusing – and with a great message at the end, “Too Good for the Hood” was nothing like I expected it to be – it was even better!  This novel holds its own with the top-notch creativity and plot structure, and an exciting, varied cast of ‘colorful’ characters and plenty of intrigue and thrills to go around. It starts off when Leonard “Lenny” Kravitz is younger and we get a taste of what his life is like growing up in ‘close-knit, multi-ethnic neighborhood in Staten Island, NY” starting in 1984 and racing through to his adult years post college. This book is a lot of fun and feels like a hybrid between a comedy novel and a graphic novel, sans the pictures. This might not make sense, but it does if you read it. It’s very visual and dialogue based and the sentence structures is of an omniscient narrator, and then the ‘cast’ speaking their parts. This makes for a highly- readable experience. Michael and Danny D’Agostino did a great job of bringing in a unique voice and making the story wholly their own, and giving it a fresh feel. Because how it is set up much of the story is being told to us we do have a certain sense of detachment, but still an engrossing story with a likable and relatable characters, and a fun cast of to take you along for this thrilling crazy ride with a heartwarming ending. 3.5 STARS Sherrie Warner—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers This book was great… lots of fun to read and unique, at least to me. Describing it is a hard task! All sorts of interesting characters and a terrific mix of drama, profound and introspective philosophical conversations, growing up in the hood, funny but also touches on serious subject matters. Lenny graduates (with 2 degrees!) right when the recession hits in 2008, so he struggles to find a job, much to his dismay. I liked that it was so descriptive that we can put ourselves inside the action, and the dialogue and conversations with the characters were genuine sounding. Great obstacles for him to overcome – with job, friends, himself, and I liked the fact that this was unpredictable and kept me wondering what would happen next. How it is formatted, with the characters speaking their ‘lines’ reminds me so much of the classical era when plays were done like this. It’s an interesting approach and one that works very well with these types of fast paced, multi-character drama. It’s funny because I’m sure wherever you live, there will be some of these characters who will remind you of people you know!  Looking forward to reading more from the Brothers D’Agostino soon!! 4 STARS Steph Coleman—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers “Too Good for the Hood” is the latest novel by Michael and Danny D’Agostino. I became familiar with their work a few years ago, and have enjoyed their books since. Once again, the world they created here is impressively conceived grounded in a gritty reality that feels authentic and comical at the same time.  Looking forward to more great stories from these guys.
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“Too Good for the hood,” the new Black American comedy that is getting rave reviews by critics nationwide.  Lenny Kravitz, the diminutive outspoken Staten Islander with a big heart faces the cruel unrelenting recession of 2008.  He’s a new grad accountant and math major who ends up walking the streets, hopelessly unemployed.  Then he gets a terrible medical diagnosis.  Unbelievably, tenaciously, boldly, he challenges his misfortune and becomes the hero on the hood.  It’s a story of heart, and pure determination.  “Captivating, “Addicting.”  “. . . laughing all the way.”
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