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Andrew Pond as Pauly Sr., James Powell as Vinny, Jason Smith as Pauly Jr., Sean Buck as Mikey, and Laura Piche as Baby Joey.
James Powell as Jerry, Jason Smith as the Doctor, Laura Piche as Nurse 1, and Hannah LoPatin as Nurse 2.
Amanda Sears as Seattle Sutton, Jason Smith as Chef Leroy, James Powell as his assistant, and Andrew Pond as the Host.
Andrew Pond as Heidi, and Jason Smith as Matilda.  James Powell plays the Host.
Annie is played by Amanda Sears.  Her first boyfriend is played by James Powell.  The Hollywood Producer is Andrew Pond
Rance Rizzutto as Qualude, Michael Lehrer as his girlfriend on Mars, Gary Lane Phelps as Cohanee, Brooke Bagnall as Quanto the Mutant Sage, Matt Albinak as Rebel One in green jacket, Nick Hausman as Rebel Two in bowling shirt, and Paul Baio as Coalhagen.
Andy Lee as Frankenstein, Matt Albinak as Igor, Annie Rubino as the Plaintiff, Brooke Bagnall as Judge Judy, Alison Royer as the host, and Gary Lane Phelps as the Bailiff.
All of the sketches below are past work, written by Michael and Danny D’Agostino and directed by Danny.
I believe that most viewers, after enjoying these videos, would agree that the above comedy performers are some of the most talented in the nation.  They are living proof that what we see on television, daily, rarely presents performers of this caliber of comedic talent and skill.  True comedy talent can not be taught.  It is a gift. Danny D’Agostino
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